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Creating a User-Centric Toolkit for Service Providers to Address Elder Abuse in Immigrant Communities in Ontario

About the project

about the project (elder abuse, Arabic)

This project (2019-2020) aimed to address elder abuse among Arabic-speaking immigrants in Ontario. We had two primary aims. First, we identified key risk factors for elder abuse at the micro (individual and family), meso (community), and macro (societal) levels. Secondly we developed culturally acceptable strategies to address these risk factors. Based on the results we collected, we produced a toolkit to support service providers and decision-makers to (1) identify common risk factors for elder abuse among immigrants, (2) assess unique risk factors and needs in the particular immigrant community(ies) they serve, and (3) generate culturally-appropriate strategies to address elder abuse in these communities. ​

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partner orgaizations (elder abuse)

Partner Organizations

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT) is a non-for-profit organization with charitable status, and is non-political and non-sectarian. The ACCT is an outlet for settlement and social services for all Arab and non-Arab communities. The ACCT strives to enable and empower individuals, families and communities to lead informed, productive and culturally sensitive lives.

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The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) is a charitable, non-partisan policy and community engagement think-and-do-tank. Their vision is for an empowered and engaged community in an inclusive and respectful society. Their mission is to promote Canadian interests by researching and articulating the perspective and potential of Canadian Arabs and advancing their contributions to society.

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South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s (SRCHC) mission is to improve the lives of people that face barriers to physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. They do this by meaningfully engaging clients and communities, ensuring equitable access to primary health care, and delivering quality care through a range of evidence informed programs, services and approaches.

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