Related Projects

Addressing elder abuse: Leadership, resilience and capacity building among older immigrants

The abuse of older people in immigrant communities is identified as an important social concern that affects their quality of life and their full contribution to society. The researchers have identified that there are gaps in literature around elder abuse in immigrant communities. The current research project is funded by the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and focuses on the roles of resilience, leadership and capacity building in mitigating the abuse of older immigrants. Through various methods of engagement with the community, we hope to gather tools and the best practices that they engage in on this issue. Subsequently, we hope to fill existing knowledge gaps and disseminate the findings to key stakeholders and media venues in the hopes of more effectively addressing this ongoing social problem.

Developing a comprehensive understanding of elder abuse prevention in immigrant communities

The purpose of this multidisciplinary study is: first, to develop a comprehensive classification of risk factors for elder abuse in immigrant communities: because immigrants represent an increasingly large proportion of older adults in Canada, it is critical to clarify these complex variables and how they combine to increase older immigrants' risk of elder abuse; and second, to identify the most appropriate and culturally relevant strategies to address the risk factors in immigrant communities in Canada. The study builds on the literature and our own work in this area, and addresses a knowledge, policy, and practice gap identified by various stakeholders across Canada.

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